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Congratulations on your upcoming commencement from Princeton University. In the attached pages you will choose from "Standard" or Souvenir Regalia or "Faculty Quality" or Custom Regalia.

It is best to have someone else take the measurements for your regalia. It is almost impossible to get accurate measurements measuring yourself. (Please give all measurements except weight in inches.)

The following measurements are needed to ensure a proper fit for your Princeton Special Regalia:

Height Without Shoes-i.e. five foot eight inches (5'8")

Weight-It is important to be accurate and honest. Your regalia is cut using the information that you give us.

Chest-This is the measurement around the fullest part of your chest in inches. For Women this is over the breasts. This is not the same as a bra size which is measured under the breasts. For Men this should correspond to a suit jacket size-i.e. 44Reg-44 is your chest measurement.

Sleeve-The sleeve is measured from the center of the spine at the base on the neck to the shoulder and down to the small wrist bone on the pinky side of your wrist. For men this should correspond to your dress shirt sleeve measurement-i.e. 16/34-the second or larger number is your sleeve measurement.

Neck-Place the tape measure loosely around the base of the neck. For Men this should again correspond to your dress shirt measurement-i.e. 16/34-the first or smaller number is your neck size.

Tam Size-Measure the circumference of your head-an inch above your brow/ears-parallel to the floor. This measurement is generally between twenty-one and twenty-five inches.

Initials in Gown-Up to three initials are stitched into the yoke (inside back) of your gown. This is not a monogram. The initials serve two purposes: they make your gown easily identifiable from other gowns after an academic procession, and two, at times robes are passed down in families if a member earns the same degree.