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Originators of the cap and gown industry in the United States

Congratulations on your upcoming commencement from Princeton University. In the attached pages you will choose from "Standard" or Souvenir Regalia or "Faculty Quality" or Custom Regalia.

"Faculty Quality" or custom regalia is designed to be worn at commencement and beyond. This regalia is manufactured for long term wear by individuals who are going on to academic positions in their careers. The quality of fabrics are designed to look good year after year with detailed styling and design.  

The Princeton I regalia is an older, European styled regalia. The gown is of black material with coordinating Princeton orange panels and chevrons. (There is NO VELVET on the gown. The orange material is similar to the body of the gown.) The hood has a European style hood with NO VELVET border. The tam is a four corner, black, velvet tam with a gold metallic tassel. This regalia is rarely chosen by current graduates at Princeton.